Wes Anderson's latest film production "The Grand Budapest Hotel" transports us to the realistically fictional alpine country of Zubrowka at the beginning of the twentieth century. Centering on a concierge at the hotel and his attentive lobby boy apprentice, the movie follows the pair through a series of peculiar events surrounding a Renaissance painting of extraordinary value.

Blurring the lines of reality and fiction, The Akademie Zubrowka site is a window into Wes Anderson's imaginative land of Zubrowka. This WWI-era syllabus complete with three lesson plans, including the history of the country, the Grand Budapest Hotel, and some of its most memorable residents. The site was designed with specific attention to the time period, featuring over 30 props and pieces of original content, including full copy editorials. The Akademie managed to capture the film's tone and aesthetic in a compelling story wrapper to house marketing materials.

Thousands of press articles of mentions by top film and social influencers

Over 300K page views and thousands of notes and reblogs

Lead to one of the most successful limited releases of all time

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Paste Magazine, March 11, 2014: "Using the collegiate motif, Akademie Zubrowka guides viewers through lessons about the industry, art and politics of Zubrowka."

IndieWire, January, 29, 2014: "The viral site has lots of goodies to explore: perhaps one of the more interesting ones is a look at all of the hotel concierges in the film."

These Old Colors, February 6, 2014: "A lot of thought went into just the site...and it shows."

IMDB, January 28, 2014: "For the first time ever, you can explore the detailed political, cultural and artistic world of 20th century Zubrowka at the Akademie's Historical Archive!"

Movie Viral, January 28, 2014: "Don't worry about reading, as there will be many visual aids to help you get an A in the course."


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