Zubrowka Film Commission

Zubrowka Film Commission (2014)

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A complementary blog to the Grand Budapest Hotel experience site, the in-world Zubrowka Film Commission Tumblr acts as a shareable production diary. Featuring informational content on everything from national holidays to weather forecasts to the cast and crew themselves, users can learn about the film as they explore Zubrowka's film-friendly atmosphere and population. Take a look behind the scenes as Wes Anderson and company bring The Grand Budapest Hotel to life, and discover how Zubrowka might just be the best setting for your next cinematic masterpiece.



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"For film producers wondering how to get the best tax incentives in Zubrowka, there’s a website for that."

The AV Club

"The site proudly purports that the 74 percent of the fictional nation's citizens work in the film industry..."

Movie Viral

"The site is designed to be like any other state film commission that is looking for filmmakers to produce their film on location."


"Zubrowka offers a grand destination with a film-friendly community, luxurious locations and free production space."


"The new website allows veiwers to see how they can take advantage of all that Zubrowka has to offer..."

Sandwich John Films

"The new Tumblr site features a film events calendar and official assets from the upcoming film...including vignettes and new video content."

Fanboy Factor

"Visit the newly launched Zubrowka Film Commission for an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at filming in the Republic of Zubrowka..."


"Over the weekend, they launched a complete website that turns the film's setting into the greatest place you'll never be able to visit."


"Just to reiterate, Zubrowka doesn't actually exist, as much as we'd all love to travel there."