YouTube Scare Wall

YouTube Scare Wall (2011)


Taking the “out-of-the-box” philosophy we brought to The Cabin in the Woods EPK site a creepy step further, Watson DG created the YouTube Scare Wall, a virtual wall of shifting, interactive panels exhibiting some of the best YouTube scare videos of all time. One of the movie's main ideas is how horror movies influence what scares us in real life and vice versa. The Scare Wall gets at the heart of what the movie is about without spoiling any specific plot details.

Users are encouraged to submit YouTube videos that scare them, even their own creations. They can even nominate a video to make it into the top hundred list. Mixed in among the panels are teaser clips from The Cabin in the Woods. And hidden on the wall are special secret jump scare videos intended to knock an unsuspecting user off their chair! While they look through videos of other people being scared, they themselves get surprised with a fright. It's a meta choice inspired by a meta movie.

This feature site also uses Tumblr as a share tool. Users can share the cinemagraphs created from exclusive Cabin in the Woods footage on Tumblr. These videos are shareable as animated gifs.

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