The Witch

The Witch (2016)


A film as horrifying as it is authentic. The Witch digital campaign extended far and wide, spreading the word of the Devil across throughout social, site extensions, and a reactive Snapchat. The site,, placed the film’s elusive animal poster art front and center and gave visitors the chance to deepen their understanding of Jacobian animal symbolism. We integrated a social participatory element into the site, inviting visitors to tweet to Him, and weaving it into the mythology of the Raven (the Devil’s messenger). Each site update was equally haunting and unsettling, a window into this horrifying world.

The social campaign was comprised of original video pieces, static imagery, and bold iconography paired with biblical and nightmarish copy reminiscent of the era. To keep the film feeling relevant, we also managed the official A24 Snapchat, sending out snaps that reacted to current events as well as key dates and holidays to spread awareness. To support the film’s release, we developed content to drive audiences to theaters and support the positive critical response and rampant word-of-mouth.



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"The Witch recently launched a promotional campaign which prompts visitors of their website to “summon evil” by uploading an image of what they might feel is the “face of evil.” Given that there are virtually no restrictions on the type of images users can upload, the possibilities are endless."