While We're Young Social

While We're Young Social (2015)

A24 Films

“I’ve never done Facebook. It’s not my thing.” - Jamie,
“I didn’t didn’t at first but it’s actually quite a useful tool. It makes me feel like I’m really connected…and there’s pictures.” - Josh

A rebellious youth who values authentic experiences over social media and a middle-aged believer who relies on a digital outlet to stay connected. Two perspectives from two different generations.

While We’re Young deals with a number of these topics and highlights the generational differences between today’s youth and middle-agers. With the film’s social campaign, Watson made sure to explore the perspective of each generation while also identifying relatable life truths that are characteristic of growing up. Implementing the film’s core message that “life never gets old”, the content also encourages users to be themselves and find comfortability within their lives no matter what age.

With a balanced blend of original illustrations, official film assets and custom GIFs + videos, the content is visually and thematically compelling, perfectly translating director Noah Baumbach’s voice into interesting shareable materials.