What If Social

What If Social (2014)

CBS Films

In collaboration with CBS Films, we put together a robust social media campaign for What If, complete with an innovate Tumblr site, strategic social initiatives and a vast collection of creative content designed to resonate with users across the film's official social channels.

What If explores various notions of love and relationships, themes that are highly relatable and elicit passionate opinions when discussed by most people. It was our goal to create content and initiatives that would encourage users to share their views, experiences and advice on this subject matter while at the same time establishing a fun, yet elegant visual identity for the film.

The Site

The Tumblr site includes a number of features, the most intriguing of which being a highly-interactive Relationship Quiz designed to help users determine what type of relationship they are best suited for. Part Buzzfeed quiz and part multiple-choice poll, this feature presents users with 8 questions, each accompanied by several answer options and corresponding animated GIFs from the film.

Creative Content

Spanning across 4 platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and We Heart It) the social campaign features a wide variety of creative content, ranging in nature from custom, stylized illustrations to film GIFs and cinemagraphs to review quotes and character quotes. Each piece plays up the indie, handmade feel of the film and represents the contemporary style of the film's target demographic, compelling users to share each and every post.

With a compelling blend of static and animated content, the campaign strategically caters to each social platform by providing the type of content users are comfortable with seeing and sharing.