Tropic Thunder

Tropic Thunder (2008)

Paramount Pictures

W/DG faced an epic task for Tropic Thunder, creating more than a dozen different sites that expand upon the movie's universe. This included personal sites for the lead characters and mock "official" movie sites for their previous acting roles, including the prestigious, taboo-breaking Satan's Alley, and the wildly flatulent The Fatties Fart 2.

Sites were also created for a plastic surgery center, a wildlife rescue foundation, and a special effects company. One of the most popular sites was the blog of the movie's fictional documentary filmmaker, which includes extensive original videos and written commentary. Each site needed to be realistic and believable, but with a touch of the absurd to sell the jokes successfully.


Key Art Award

+ Most Buzzworthy

Key Art Award Finalist

+ Best Digital Media


Key Art Awards

W/DG's work was honored with the "Most Buzzworthy" award and named a finalist for "Best Digital Media Campaign" at The Hollywood Reporter's 2009 Key Art Awards.

First Showing

As we near the opening of Tropic Thunder next Wednesday, August 13th, the faux documentary on the project titled Rain of Madness continues to turn out some awesome snapshots of the main characters.


Before the THUNDER, comes the madness... You might have heard the rumors that in an effort to promote their epic comedy TROPIC THUNDER, Paramount was working on a HEARTS OF DARKNESS style documentary about the film.

Video Gum

here’s a new montage of film clips promoting the movie Tropic Thunder out today: a “trailer” for a movie-within-a-movie-within-a-movie called Rain Of Madness, the documentary about the making of “the most expensive war movie of all time.”