Track em, Find em, Kill em

Track em, Find em, Kill em (2012)


Who is Jean Vilain and why does he want Barney Ross (Sylvester Stallone) dead?

Watson DG partnered with Lionsgate and Tumblr to engage in some visually-innovative viral storytelling to help promote The Expendables' return. In the months leading up to the movie’s release, the film’s bad guy, Jean Vilain (played by the legendary Jean-Claude Van Damme), has been Tumblr blogging a robust, virtual Field Manual that instructs you how to kill The Expendables. All of them.

Peruse the virtual Vilain’s daily illustrated posts offering survival skills, first aid tips, combat moves, booby traps, and more. Carefully study the files he’s collected about each of the Expendables, their weapons of choice, as well as a varied collection of audio clips, animated GIFs and other Easter egg surprises that provide insight into one of the biggest blockbuster movie events of the summer. Share Vilain's mad genius across the internet through reposts and even submit your own intel for his nihilistic consideration for inclusion in his Field Manual.

And be sure to always follow Vilain’s first and most important rule: Kill first.



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