To preserve a peaceful and prosperous Panem, Watson/DG created as a touchstone for Lionsgate’s Mockingjay: Part 1 digital campaign. The Capitol’s main hub focuses on the citizens of Panem, projecting unification and empathy through visual and textual cues. The site is almost entirely white, complete with video broadcasts from Snow, interactive WebGL content, and regularly updated content on Capitol TV.

The goal of President Snow’s “One Panem” initiative is to project an air of unity through a blanketing spirit of collaboration, manifesting in a number of ways. is an entirely seamless integrated combination of several technologies including HTML5, Canvas, and WebGL used seamlessly through the site’s many sections. The site was also broadcast to an international audience, having been localized into 17 different languages.

As the campaign progressed, underwent a series of updates and evolutions to keep up with campaign milestones and keep users engaged. Site sections and milestones include:

Capitol TV
Showcasing original video content from a variety of collaborators, alongside original articles and image galleries. Registrants receive email notification that directs them to President Snow’s Panem Address (housed on the site), contributing to more than 10 million views to date.

District Heroes
The initial teaser posters for The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Pt. 1, this special shoot features individuals from Panem’s districts. The site adds backstories to each character and links them to dedicated pages on Yahoo.

Capitol Concerns/WebGL
User-submitted concerns invite individuals to register and send in any complaints. These are addressed by the Capitol in the form of interactive fluid WebGL pieces, where the concerns are changed to appear positive.

Site Hacks
The rebellion begins to appear on, signaling the emergence of District 13’s rebels who will uncover the truth at all costs. These “hacks” appear in the source code in copy hidden on the site. is the beating heart of the campaign and the jumping off point for advocates of the Capitol and revolutionaries alike. The site continues to draw in visitors and has become a tentpole site in the Hunger Games franchise.



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"In addition to the visually stunning photos that could easily be found in a high fashion magazine, the viral marketing campaign includes a “government website” for Panem,"


" If you head to TheCapitol.Pn , you can see that they’re getting ready to kick things off again. I have to say, I can’t wait."


"The site is teasing some “further declarations” in the near future — stand by Panemites!"

"In addition to this spotlight on “fake” heroes, the Capitol is requiring that you register for Capitol TV."

The Verge

"Panem loves its citizens. At least, that's what the Capitol would like everyone to believe."

"‘The Capitol PN’ Relaunches With District Heroes Propaganda."


"Lionsgate's latest campaign for The Hunger Games 3: Mockingjay involves Capitol TV, which is essentially a campaign put on by the evil Panem Government..."

The Nerdist

"To help send their message of resistance, the citizens of District 13 recently hacked the Capitol’s website and showcased photos of their leaders."