Swiss Army Man

Swiss Army Man (2016)


Help has arrived! Poke, prod and play with Manny, your very own multi-purpose tool guy. The official Swiss Army Man site invites you to drag him and drop him, tap his tummy, even text him to discover all the special things he can do. Type in words like "cannon," "blowtorch," and "friday" and you'll quickly see that Manny is so much more than a farting corpse. If you ever need rescuing, Manny is your man. Swiss Army Man, in theaters everywhere summer 2016.



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"A virtual rag doll of Radcliffe’s corpse that you can manipulate online."


"For those who can’t wait until its theatrical release later this month, there’s a new online game that allows you to, well, play with Daniel Radcliffe’s farting corpse."


"Now is the time to build a website in which visitors have the pleasure of dragging the former Harry Potter's corpse around their screen to never-ending delight."

A.V. Club

"In addition to being tossed about the screen, Manny’s many skills can be unlocked by typing in words like radio, canteen, blowtorch, compass, knifehand, Friday, cannon, dreams, and cramp."


"He’s basically a digital rag doll you just throw around the computer screen, but if you let the site text you, many of his super powers will be revealed."


"Do yourself a favor… while there, type things like canteen, compass, blowtorch, radio, knifehand, Friday, cannon, and dreams. Pretty hysterical!"

Paste Magazine

"No, seriously. You can do what you wish with “Manny” the corpse."

Hollywood Reporter

"In a campaign for the Daniel Radcliffe starrer, the studio sent a message in a bottle with an SOS text number for media outlets to engage with"

Kill Screen

"Here it is, the farting Daniel Radcliffe game that dreams are made of."


"The advertising campaign for Swiss Army Man has surprised the media around the world to include ingenious phone calls or sending pizza delivery accompanied by a mysterious gift."

Mental Floss

"You can toss Manny around, manipulate his body into weird positions, and, most importantly, make him fart (among some other NSFW things)."

The Creators Project

"Now, Manny sexts makes its debut, featuring users' responses to the corpse played by Daniel Radcliffe's questions about sex."

Business Insider

"You can spend the rest of the day tossing around Manny on your computer screen like a rag doll. Watch out though. Computer Manny is gassy"