The Sheepinator

The Sheepinator (2016)

Focus Features

As magical as the internet can be, spend 5 minutes in a comments section and you start to see its dark underbelly. In an effort to save the galaxy (and Twitter), Watson DG partnered with Ratchet, Clank and the Galactic Rangers to help rid the web of negative energy by inviting kids and parents to turn mean tweets into sheep. This point-and-shoot mobile game puts audiences at the controls of Ratchet and Clank's patented Sheepinator gun, inviting them to transform bad guys and bad tweets into fluffy, adorable sheep.

A mobile-first experience, the site emphasizes touch and 360 degree motion, letting the user explore an immersive WebGL galaxy from all angles using the device's gyroscope. Shoot trending tweets or search for your own for a customized experience. A companion desktop experience is also available, allowing users to “sheepinate” tweets in bulk using the highly advantageous “fluff attack." Users can browse through their sheep at anytime and generate a shareable GIF that can be posted to Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr, driving others back to the site so they too can start sheepinating.

The Sheepinator is a best-in-class social game, leveraging relevant UGC into an interactive experience, framed within a narrative wrapper than connects the world of Ratchet + Clank to a wide audience and raises awareness for the film’s theatrical release.



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