SHAME (2011)

Fox Searchlight

"We're not bad people. We just come from a bad place," says Carey Mulligan's character Sissy in Fox Searchlight's film, Shame. For WatsonDG, the site's main function was to visually portray the film characters as normal, everyday people without revealing the crippling effects of their addictions. Mirroring the film's themes, this goal was accomplished by creating a voyeuristic experience, most notably shown through the blinds motif that's prevalent in the site.

When users arrive at the Splash Page, a living image or cinemagraph of star, Michael Fassbender is present, though it seems only physically. The score begins to tick softly, keeping time to Fassbender's slow breaths and vacant expression. As visitors enter the site, they watch Fassbender as he blinks back to reality and leaves his bed to draw the shades. As the shades are drawn, the site loads, and a video paired with a quote from the movie, leads users to the main navigation and gallery of the site. The stylistic cinemagraphs and carefully selected videos paired with quotes, maintain the site's elegance while hinting at a darker secret within.

Though the beauty of the site shields the viewers from the deepest depths of the characters souls, the underlying feeling is that something is not quite right. The hypnotically passionate score and exquisitely composed images set the mood for a truly unique and unforgettable site experience.