Maleficent Tumblr

Maleficent Tumblr (2014)


Evil is the New Black is a completely new take on a traditional EPK site. The site serves as virtual lookbook for the film's fashion, environments, characters, behind-the-scenes footage and more. Comprised of original static and animation content, custom video transitions, and hand-picked stock photography, the site provides a wealth of shareable material for both an active and passive audience.

By aligning Maleficent's aesthetic with contemporary fashion, Evil Is The New Black generates awareness through thematically-driven content that is displayed in a narrative context.



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"'Maleficent' to Cast Spell Over Weekend Box Office"

Company Magazine

"Who knew the magical Maleficent world would provide us with so much inspo. This is why evil, is the new black..."


"The blog features Maleficent GIFs, in addition to news and images related to costumes and fashion from the film."


"The smooth transitions of animations and video are well orchestrated to seamlessly present a huge amount of share-able material."


"Using the dramatic dark hues of the film and the ethereal vibes of it's setting, the Tumblr gives a look at beautiful high-fashion trends in fashion and beauty."


"A virtual look book, with behind the scenes footage, animated content and custom video's."

Black Forest Magazine

"We're really stunned by the aesthetics of the movie and the movie art."


"Maleficent reigned over the weekend box office, as the Walt Disney Studios release debuted to a magical $70 million domestically and $100.6 million internationally..."