Harry Potter: Motorbike Escape

Harry Potter: Motorbike Escape (2010)

Warner Brothers

Tasked with creating an interactive game for the seventh installment in the Harry Potter film franchise – Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1 – Watson/DG had a straight-forward objective: create a spellbinding gaming experience worthy of the most iconic literary character of our time.

Utilizing new cutting edge gaming technology, we’ve created a custom-built aerial adventure in the skies above London, putting players in the sidecar of Hagrid’s flying motorbike. Riding through the clouds, our titular hero aims his mighty wand, dispatching Death Eaters and evading Voldemort’s villainous grasp. Win or lose, players can share their participation and scores across social platforms.

Challenging the traditional interaction model, our application of Unity3D set a new standard in browser-based advergames. With innovative graphics, intuitive controls, and gameplay seamlessly choreographed to the movie soundtrack, ‘Motorbike Escape’ is a next generation console-quality mini game deserving of the Harry Potter brand.



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Los Angeles Times Hero Complex

"This is a tough little game, especially with only one ‘life refill’ (Essence of Dittany) to start and lots of death eaters coming at you. Sparingly use the motorbike’s magical dragon flame boost when things get especially, um, harry."

Unity Community

"Awesome. Simple, but managing to be addictive. Awesome job. "