FoxADHD Face GIFer

FoxADHD Face GIFer (2013)


"Our goal is to keep you entertained. Constantly." Drawing from the self-proclaimed mission statement of Fox/ADHD themselves, Watson/DG set out to create a feature of continual, simplistic entertainment, allowing the user to make their own customized face GIF in the style of ADHD animation. Beginning with a cursor interaction feature on the front page against a static, repeating background, users are immediately absorbed into the experience and encouraged to have fun with the application. One click takes them to a face creator with over 200 individual options to combine, all animating in their individual menus as well as when selected.

As your technicolor GIF is created a mini game appears on the loading screen, only discovered as playable when the user's arrow keys are pressed. This is the first of three subtly embedded activities, furthering the focus on animation and the user experience. Featured at San Diego Comic Con 2013, almost 4,000 GIFs were created that weekend at the Fox/ADHD booth alone.



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