Ex Machina Social

Ex Machina Social (2015)

A24 Films

In creating the social campaign for Ex Machina, Watson aimed to explore the film’s stunning aesthetic, controversial subject matter, and the intrigue surrounding Ava, the film’s one-of-a-kind AI. Through a variety of creative content, the campaign facilitated conversation regarding the future of manmade consciousness and the equally exciting yet frightening prospects of creating artificial beings.

Part sci-fi, part intellectual drama and part suspenseful thriller Ex Machina is genre transcendent. With this in mind, micro videos became an essential part of the campaign and were used to showcase snippets of the film’s numerous angles. Catering toward Facebook and Instagram users, videos spanned no more than 20-30 seconds, capturing the most intriguing parts of the film within a short window. Combined with original motion graphics and animations, each video represented an elevation of typical social assets into something more premium.

Other parts of the campaign focused on Ava, shaping her mysterious nature and sex appeal. The ultimate fantasy for many target users, Watson made sure to highlight Ava’s robotic beauty and sensuality in every piece.

Ex Machina is a unique take on a classic subject and continues to garner acclaim from both critics and fans. So much of the film’s appeal comes from its ability to balance intelligence, excitement, sexuality and suspense - a balance that is undoubtedly reflected in the social campaign.



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