District 13

District 13 (2014)


Watson/DG, in conjunction with Lionsgate, set out to create a campaign that would take audiences into the secretive and subversive world of The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part One. After the release of the rebranded, squeaky clean TheCapitol.pn site, it was time for fans of the franchise to tear it all down and dive into District 13. Using a mobile tethering tool fans hacked into the Capitol to discover never-before-seen clips and images from Mockingjay Part One.



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Web Designer Mag

"This marketing drive for The Hunger Games brings mobile and desktop web design closer together."


"Six new posters have been unveiled for the upcoming installment in the “Hunger Games” franchise, and a very dark world is on display...Lionsgate had previously unveiled a District 13 website at District13.co.in, where fans could find the posters by following clues."

The Hunger Gamers

"A new mobile website for District 13 called m.district13.co.in/ has been launched by Lionsgate, whereas fans have to connect to the District 13 mainframe by syncing their phones with their laptops/desktops that have TheCapitol.PN site in session."

First Showing

"Lionsgate unveiled the site today that basically acts as the reveal of District 13... Due to fans hitting the viral site as soon as it went live, it's been hard to keep up with the fun ourselves...!"