Cloverfield Viral Campaign

Cloverfield Viral Campaign (2008)

Paramount Pictures

The Paramount Pictures vérité monster movie, Cloverfield, was shrouded in mystery prior to its release. When the teaser trailer was released in the summer of 2007, even its title was kept a secret. W/DG helped to deepen the mystery by creating three viral sites for the film.

We created a site for Slusho!, a fictional Japanese beverage. This J-culture influenced, engagingly animated site includes original designs and illustrations created by W/DG, representing Slusho!'s six flavor mascots. We also created sites for the fictional technology corporation, Tagurato, and T.I.D.O. Wave, a blog exposing the questionable practices of the Tagurato Corporation.



"The preview was an instant sensation with moviegoers taking to the Internet to find out more about the mystery trailer."