Cinderella Social

Cinderella Social (2015)


To raise awareness and interest for the release of Disney's live action return of Cinderella we created a wide variety of social content for the film's official social channels including, Facebook, Twitter,Instagram, Tumblr, Pinterest, and We Heart It.

We know Cinderella as the young girl who's faced with a myriad of trials and tribulations, yet faces each one of them with courage and kindness. Coupling these values with her unwavering belief in her Fairy Godmother, Cinderella was able to withstand her evil step-family and make her dreams come true by marrying a handsome Prince.

Our creative content explored the film's themes of courage and kindness, nostalgia, romance and love, as well as the strength of an independent woman who knows what she wants. Pairing film assets with original copy, design and illustration, video and animation we curated a suite of content destined to be shared. Content was released in phases meant to first reignite audiences' nostalgia for previous iterations, and then to tease that there's more to the story than they ever imagined. We also developed strategies to reach different regional and demographic markets via the languages and themes that particularly spoke to them.

The adoration for Cinderella came pouring in. Our content sustained consistently high engagement levels through premiere week and beyond, frequently garnering over one million organic impressions and six digit engagement numbers per post on Facebook. The movie opened #1 world wide, and of course lived happily ever (there) after.