Choke (2008)

Fox Searchlight

For Fox Searchlight's adaptation of Chuck Palahniuk's Choke, W/DG created a site that, like the book and the movie, mixes highbrow and lowbrow, the sacred and the profane. In doing so, W/DG strategized to get author Chuck Palahniuk’s cult following into theaters by promoting curiosity, while evoking pity or revulsion for the main character Vincent (Sam Rockwell).

Surreal touches place you inside the mind of the conflicted, sex-obsessed protagonist, and aim to mimic the sensation of stumbling upon a beautiful painting in a seedy strip club bathroom. Users are greeted by Dali-esque, bikini–clad floating breast balloons, which explode with milk when clicked. Another feature lets the user save a choking Vincent by simulating the Heimlich maneuver and giving him money.

A particularly flavorful flourish that W/DG created is the Word Hurl widget. After selecting from an assortment of nouns and adjectives, the Word Hurl fills in the blanks to reveal a custom salacious, self-loathing monologue.


Key Art Award Finalist

+ New Media: Best Website