Captain America

Captain America (2011)

Paramount Pictures

Captain America is back to save the world. In this first installment of Marvel's eagerly-awaited Avengers saga, Paramount Pictures has tasked Watson/DG with creating a site that captures the excitement, adventure, and valor of this legendary character while conveying the film’s unique look and sense of history.

Staying true to the Captain’s World War II origin story, the site draws on the visual aesthetic of the time: the desaturated look of 1940s color newsreel footage, patriotic iconography, as well as military graphic and font selections. In an expanded character-based web experience, we learn more about the film’s colorful personalities in dossiers recalling period-specific, Top Secret documents. Like spilled coffee, character silhouettes bleed onto the weathered paper, dirty and creased after it was carried around in a soldier’s pocket.


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