Birdman Social

Birdman Social (2014)

Fox Searchlight

To raise interest and awareness for Fox Searchlight’s Birdman, we created a wide variety
of social content for the film’s official Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr channels. Birdman
follows the inner struggle of Riggan Thomson as he reaches the next chapter in his
career. Filled with tension and surreal elements, the film is a dynamic, cinematic tour de

Our creative content explores the film’s dark humor, themes and social truths while also
introducing the all­star cast and touting visionary filmmaker Alejandro González Iñárritu.
Mixing film assets with original copy, design and illustration, we guide users deep into the
world of Birdman, looking at the issues faced by the characters while highlighting the
film’s artistry and playing up the film’s cynical, comedic voice.

Helping Birdman spread its wings far beyond the constraints of a movie theater, our
content makes the film feel big while getting the right people laughing, thinking and


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