Beasts of the Southern Wild

Beasts of the Southern Wild (2012)

Fox Searchlight

Fox Searchlight’s Beasts of the Southern Wild had enormous film festival buzz before its release. But it also didn't have a well-known director and cast. That presents a marketing challenge. The site Watson DG designed for Beasts of the Southern Wild focused attention on the film's magical, transporting quality and its amazing word of mouth.

On the site, as in the movie, Hushpuppy is our narrator and we see the Bathtub, a celebration of life (and death) and childhood imagination, through her eyes. We allow users to see the raw beauty of her world and to hear her wise-beyond-her-years observations. The site's navigation is presented as a living, breathing surface that moves and grows, a visual poetry illustrating the film’s core themes. Footage and additional dialogue from the film further immerse users in the Bathtub.

Also featured on the site is a constantly refreshing Twitter stream. Users can see the online conversation evolving around the film, as a community of avid and regular moviegoers champion Beasts of the Southern Wild as a modern classic.


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