American Ultra Social

American Ultra Social (2015)


A tale as old as time. Two pothead lovers, one of which is actually a sleeper CIA agent who is activated and has to brutally murder trained assassins in order to protect himself and his girlfriend from certain death. Yep, that’s American Ultra.

The challenge was to create a suite of creative content that felt fresh, edgy and original enough to be shared by the film’s active Tumblr fanbase. To do this, we tapped into trending looks with edgy messaging that felt relatable and also represented the film. Throughout the digital campaign we released a wide range of videos, statics and gifs that tapped into the film’s core themes: love, action and getting stoned. Epic.

We set out to make the content feel as fun and energetic as the film—for example, cutting clips paired with motion graphics and savvy copy to be used across the film’s social channels. All of the content was incredibly well-received by fans and newcomers alike; with multiple pieces having been Instagrammed by the film’s director, Nima Nourizadeh. The campaign was a tremendous success, giving audiences a taste of the epic thrill ride that is American Ultra.


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